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"¡Ojo! Que a mi me parece una castaña de foto" - ¿O quizá he querido decir que es una foto de una castaña que a mi me parece un ojo? ;-)

"Watch out! It seems to me it is a rubbish photo" - Again, in the title in Spanish I'm playing with words with a double meaning. 'Ojo' is 'Eye', but it can also be used with the 'watch out!' meaning. Same thing happens with 'castaña', in English 'chestnut', which is familiarly used to mean that something is rubbish. So, the literal translation of the Spanish title would be: "Eye! It seems to me it is a chestnut photo". Aside of that, I purposely used 'ojo (eye)' because the chestnut somewhat resembles and eye.

From 2010