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"Parece que coge aire" - Ayer me di una gran paliza poniendo la piscina en marcha. Retirar la manta de invierno (de 10,5 m por 5,5), doblarla y enrrollarla es ya bastante para una persona sola. Pasar el limpiafondos para para intentar aprovechar la mayor catidad de agua del año pasado; desmontar la bomba del filtro, desatascarla de agujas de pino, volverla a montar para poder terminar de pasar el limpiafondos. Por fin a última hora pude empezar a rellenarla con agua del pozo. Parece que la bomba del pozo coge un poco de aire, pero ya lo miraré otro día.

"Looks like it is picking some air" - Yesterday was a hard day trying to get the pool ready for the season. Just removing the winter cover (10.5 m by 5.5), folding and rolling it is just a big task for a single person. Then I had to sweep the bottom to try to reuse as much water from las year as I could. But the filter pump got dirty and inefficient, so I had to dismount it, clean it and install it again to continue sweeping. Finally, quite late, I could start refilling the pool from the well. It looks like the well pump is picking some air, but I'll look into that some other day.


From 2009