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"¡Por fin lo cacé!" - Como muchos sabéis, llevo meses intentando 'cazar' a uno de estos grandes y variados "pajarracos" que a veces sobrevuelan mi casa. Hace solamente unos minutos, he salido al jardín, he visto que andaba cerca, he preparado la cámara, y esta vez ha pasado más bajo que otras y he podido 'cazarle'. Aunque la foto se puede mejorar con menor altura y mejor luz, considerando que está hecha casi a contraluz me doy por satisfecho de momento. Ahora solo me falta averiguar qué 'pajarraco' en concreto es este. Nota añadida el 24-08-2009: Según podéis ver en el comentario añadido por Julian, un experto, se trata de un Aguila Calzada adulta de fase clara. Más información AQUI y más fotos AQUI. "I finally caught him!" - As many of you know, I have been trying for months to catch one of these big and varied birds that some times fly over my house. Just a few minutes ago I went outside, I saw that he was nearby, I prepared the camera, and this time he was flying lower that in other occasions and I could catch him. The photo could be better with even a lower height and a better light, but considering that it was taken against the light I am quite satisfied for the moment. Now I only need to find out exactly what kind of bird is this. Note on 24-08-2009: As you can see in the comment (in Spanish) added by Julian, an expert, it is an adult pale phase Booted Eagle. More information HERE and more photos HERE. NOTE: If you added a comment to my "Just clouds" daily yesterday, for some reason they were misplaced by the system and t hey appear under THIS PHOTO from almost one month ago. Go figure!


From 2009